Between Primavera dan Microsoft Project, Which one Better?

Between Primavera and Microsoft Project, which one better?

The question is always comes up by a planning engineer, especially for newbie into the non-financial industries, whether it is telecom, construction, EPC, as well as oil and gas operators.

Each course there are advantages and deficiency. But pretty sure I can state that the Primavera is better. Hold on, for Ms Project’s lover, don’t be resentful. Always there’s a reason why this is so.

First, we describe one by one the advantages and deficiency, according my experience as a user.



  1. In terms of history, Primavera created in 1983, one year ahead of Ms Project.
  2. Primavera teachs you how to think systemically, starting from when we create a project, project identification, project title, the person in charge of the project to launch.
  3. When the project launch, we can not directly fill the table of activities , but Primavera provides us to think structured by dividing the project into step level of work or that we called Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) .
  4. Excellence division plan of the sector. WBS is that we would know what the scope of work of the project itself, I always put three or four WBS at level 2, ie; Engineering, Procurement, Construction and also Commissioning.
  5. We can create the CBS or cost breakdown structure based on WBS established. From CBS, a cost control is permitted to view a detailed job.
  6. From WBS, Primavera allow us to create detailed activities, so we’re not in vain when making of activities.
  7. Activites can not be turned into a new WBS using an indent when the project running. It helps us, WBS as payment basis to client, so is not allowed to create new WBS without amandement. WBS is full control under planner or project control.
  8. When the WBS and activities have arranged, then Primavera allows us to create weight factor, employment, resources, link activity, duration and cost/expenses. From this step, cost control can start working.
  9. Primavera featuring weights of work, progress, the S curve, load of manpower with excellent detailing.
  10. Primavera integrated to Risk Management. Project Control can include the risk register, which contains: Identify of Risks, Causes, Impacts, Costs, Mitigation and Mitigation Costs.
  11. We can work as multiple projects, multiple user access and many more. One thing, once you open the Primavera, you open the enterprise.
  12. For a PMP certificate holders or AACEI, Primavera has been collated based on the PMBOK structure, making it look more professional.


  1. Complicated, because the Primavera software can not be opened as well as MS Office platform. If there is an error, Primavera could not be opened.
  2. Complicated in terms of use. Unless the user, Primavera is not recommended. No one knows that is required to create the WBS first before create activity, only the user knows.
  3. Complicated in other things, so it would be nice if conduct the training or reading a manual before.

Microsoft Project


  1. Ease of access, when we first open the windows of Ms Project, we can immediately create a new project. Create activities and links between activity without having to create the WBS first.
  2. Simply display and user friendly.
  3. Tools are easier, because based on MS Office.
  4. Latest version of Ms Project 2015/16, already able to bring up the S-curve.
  5. Can be used for fast tracking, very useful for the field detailing up to level 5-6, everyone can working on it.


  1. The mindset is not structured according to the rules of Project Management. MS Project allows the shortcut immediately into filling tables activities without defining the scope of work in the WBS.
  2. WBS can create, but you should go into the top menu first, so it going to be unused (forgotten).
  3. MS Project allows to use indent and outdent for each activity and sub-activity. This is dangerous because anyone can operate without control WBS.
  4. Lack precision for cost planning, it cause the majority of users are not using the same structure between schedule and progress. When making the schedule, they are only concerned with the speed and convenience of work.
  5. MS project does not have capability to allows planned, remaining and actual project espenses as well as Primavera.
  6. Yet integrated with Risk Management.

Well, that is s the advantages and deficiency of each software. In the Project Management Professional, Primavera still be a reliable tool in the execution.

And for anyone who are involved in the science project control and planning. Steeped in both it would be good. But whereever possible, I strongly recommend you to immerse yourself to deepen Primavera,  it very powerful if it can be certified and increase your value.

How about you? And what do you think?


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